Equine Therapy Approach

allan’s approach to equine therapy is extensive. We begin by determining if there is a systemic weakness present (such as an infection or parasites, etc.), and if so, develop a recovery program specific for that horse’s needs.


Proper foot care is essential for maximizing the longevity of horses. Developing a clear understanding of the dynamic function of the limb’s joint structures and how feet need to be kept in order to encourage proper joint function is one of the most important things you can do for a horse. Each horse is different and we use specialized techniques to determine each horse’s specific needs in regard to hoof angle and lateral-medial balance. Please see the “Our Foot Correction Approach” link for a detailed explanation of allan’s technique for foot care. With a stable foundation in place we can move on to other important details to maximize the horse’s health.


A horse’s dietary needs are very different from our own, and if those needs aren’t properly met, serious health issues can result. By determining the exact daily nutritional requirements for a horse you are working with, many health problems can be avoided or overcome. This too is an important aspect of our holistic approach to helping horses. The more you can do to insure that your horse’s nutritional needs are properly taken care of, the lesser the risk of them falling ill due to over taxing of the digestive system.

spinal_flexionWhen the vertebrae of the spine do not move freely it not only restricts the horses ability to move fluidly, but also impedes nerve function in that area which can ultimately have a negative impact on organ function. In our program, specialized techniques are used to release compression in the soft tissue that supports the spinal column and other boney structures, restoring balance and full range of motion to the joint systems.

yin_yangThe Chinese recognize twelve main organs/systems of the body and through thousands of years of practice have discovered important relationships that exist between them. For example; each organ receives its life sustaining energy from another specific organ, and passes energy on to yet another specific organ. This symbiotic relationship that exists between the organs and systems of the body must be kept in balance to insure optimal health. Understanding these relationships one can first determine if there is an imbalanced organ, and if so, then assist the body in transferring energy to the depleted organ from its supporting organ to restore its balance. The subtleties of this type of approach can often times generate wonderful results.

magnetic_earthAll organisms generate their own frequency that is attuned to the frequency of the planet. These frequencies vary in intensity from organism to organism, but even with all of these variations, no living organism has a frequency that even comes close to the intensity of those created by man that are influencing us on a minute by minute basis. Everything with an electrical current emits an electrical frequency that extends outward from its source through the atmosphere. If you consider the amount of power lines, electrical appliances, computers, cell phones and other wireless devices, etc. that are emitting these intense frequencies, it soon becomes clear that we can not escape the constant bombardment of high intensity electromagnetic frequencies.

If an organism (human, horse, duck, tsetse fly… you get the picture) is in a region where these electromagnetic frequencies are abundant, its own “organic” resonant frequency will be altered which disrupts its natural balance. This can lead to dis-ease within the system and ultimately create serious health issues.

One way to help overcome these health threats is to expose the organism in question (in this case horses) to frequencies that are in tune with nature. There are several options available with this approach; those whose effectiveness has been convincing to allan include color, sound, and certain magnetic therapies. A horse being treated with these therapies is tested to determine the specific frequency that is needed to bring their system back into balance.

031For allan mutschler, Structural Integration is the therapy of choice when it comes to soft tissue manipulation. Many years of research have gone into the development of this body of work founded by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, and its affects on compromised structures can at times be nothing short of miraculous.

After graduating from the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO in 1999, allan created a Structural Integration series specifically for horses. Although the concepts are the same as human Structural Integration, applying the work to a quadruped requires a very different approach.

Applying his extensive background in the healing arts with his life-long love and partnership with horses, while paying close attention to their feedback, allan was able to create an equine series that has seen wonderful results in many horses.

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