About allan mutschler

allan_mutschlerallan mutschler, a graduate of the Guild for Structural Integration, has been studying and practicing in the field of alternative therapies since the early 1980’s. He initially pursued an apprenticeship for over five years studying the principles of manual medicine. During that time he discovered that his true passion is in working hands on with people and horses. Prior to his training in Structural Integration, his formal studies included Swedish massage, Touch for Health, reflexology, iridology, herbology, applied kinesiology and deep connective tissue release. allan also received training in Equine manual adjustments.

His love for horses led him to become focused on the dynamics of horse and rider teams. The hard truth is that the majority of the structural problems that arise in horses are the result of their rider’s own structural imbalance, ill-fitting equipment, or a combination of both. The ill-fitting equipment can be addressed through custom fitting, but the rider’s structural imbalance needs “hands-on” attention.

A quote from allan: “Watching the transformation of a horse and rider team as they transform through the Structural Integration process together can be a very satisfying and humbling experience. You can see the relief expressed by them both, and their relationship becomes stronger and much more respectful.”

After completing his training in Structural Integration for humans, allan created a Structural Integration program specifically for horses. One of the first things he noticed was that horses process this work and release their holding patterns at a much faster rate than humans. A typical series for humans consists of ten sessions; horses on the other hand, can display dramatic change in their athletic abilities in as few as three sessions.  allan initially created a five-series for horses, but as the years have passed he has seen that not all horses require the full series to find balance.

Structural Integration became a very positive and complete adjunct to his equine therapy program. Subtlety and patience is key when manipulating the deep soft tissue of a horse. Developing these techniques with horses has become invaluable to allan, as they have given him even greater results when working with people as well. He finds Structural Integration to be the most complete and transformational form of therapy he has ever experienced or applied.

As the years passed, allan discovered that some of the unique aspects of his initial training that were so effective in his therapy program, in conjunction with the Structural Integration series, were not readily available through traditional learning channels. This prompted him to create a training program of his own that would make it possible for him to pass these abilities on to others who have an interest in working with horses in this manner.

For this reason, allan now offers his own training program. Check the link to “Training Programs” on the above menu bar for more details.