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Always remaining open to new ideas regarding healthcare for horses (all organisms actually), allan has seen and been un-impressed by almost all of the mechanical devices and many of the magnetic products that have appeared on the market since the late 80’s claiming to accelerate the healing process.  The reason being that these devices for the most part disregard the natural balance of the entire internal process of the organism while inundating the body with high levels of electrical energy or magnetic frequencies, claiming that they are accelerating the healing process.  It may in fact speed up the healing of a local injury, but at what cost to the entire system?

When we consider that each organ within the body has its own polarity (North and South poles not unlike that of the Earth), we can compare the body’s internal organs to the planets in a solar system, each organ a part of a much greater whole.

When using this analogy it makes it easier to understand how bombarding the entire system with electrical frequencies or high level gauss frequencies, as in the case of “Shock Therapy” or neodymium boron magnets for example, is compromising the natural balance of the body as a whole.

pmt-100atThis is a consideration that allan has always had in mind when observing new devices making profound claims of healing potential and until now he has always been “un-impressed”.

Then the PEMF device came to be and immediately captured allan’s attention.  This device emits a three dimensional Pulsating ElectroMagnetic Field.  This field penetrates the tissues and bones of the body at the cellular level, and in the process causes capillaries to dilate increasing blood, oxygen and nutrient supplies to areas of the body that have been deficient due to compression in the soft tissue. The pulsing also creates a massaging effect at the cellular level and opens imbedded scar tissue making the Structural Integration process far more effective.  All of this is accomplished with low level gauss frequencies, the key being in the three dimensional pulsing that penetrates the body.

The benefits of PEMF therapy are far reaching; it improves circulation, increases oxygen levels, energizes the cells, expedites the release of toxins, relieves pain, reduces swelling, restores membrane potential and improves cell hydration to name a few.  All these results through a process that is completely non-invasive to the organism.  This claim is confirmed simply by observing the reactions of horses as they are receiving a treatment, their bodies are shaking from the heavy firing of the muscles being treated yet they will be standing there licking and chewing, showing their appreciation for what they are experiencing.

One of the most amazing benefits of this device is the fact that this three dimensional pulse penetrates the entire body and in doing so, releases compressed tissue at depths far beyond the reach of hands on therapy, while actually creating a balancing effect on the organs magnetic field.  This is because the pulsing field is magnetic and not electrical.

Aside from the physical effects it has on the body, the PEMF device also stimulates and balances the central nervous system, often times generating astonishing results.

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Always remember to honor and protect the horse’s Spirit!

As you can see, our therapy program covers a broad spectrum of holistic modalities, all brought together in a way that complements the whole and provides your horse with a safe, loving, and natural path to optimal health.

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