Available Training Programs

Before we begin –

It must be understood that allan’s number one priority is always, to honor and protect the Spirit of every single horse that we come into contact with. We work with horses because we love them completely and unconditionally. 

After working with many horses since the mid 1980’s allan has become convinced that in almost one hundred percent of cases where a horse is misbehaving, it has a very good reason for doing so. It is usually the result of the animal not being “listened to” and being forced into situations that either create pain, instill fear, or both in the animal.

If your intent is to earn a living working hands-on with horses, do so with these thoughts in mind. With this awareness and by developing a rapport that creates a level of trust with the horses you are working with, you may very well discover rewards that you have never dreamed possible.

When you begin with a horse that is untrusting and resistant to being handled, and through the process of this series of treatments, experience the transformation that takes place when a horse discovers that you are their friend, there to help and asking nothing of them in return, you will have entered an elite group of individuals who share something with horses that can not be described in words.

With that said…

All training modules offered by allan are six-day intensives. Each module will include instruction on proper horse handling procedures. Our goal is to provide the highest level of training at the most affordable prices to assist people, especially those who are being forced to make career changes due to the current state of the economy, in creating a new life for themselves. This was taken into consideration when designing the program series, which led to the creation of an entry-level training module that was specifically designed in a way that would give students enough tools and guidance to immediately begin earning a living and generate cash flow to assist them in continuing their learning process.

One approach we are using to assist us in keeping our trainings more affordable is by making this a “traveling” training program. Rather than having each student pay for travelling and lodging, etc to attend classes in another part of the country, we are bringing the training to you. Find six people in your region who are interested in this program and the instructor comes to you and spends one week teaching you this valuable information, using the horses in your area.

This approach has several positive aspects for the students. The first, “financial benefit” has already been mentioned. Secondly, during the week of training, as we are working on the horses in your region, horse owners in the area will be noticing what’s going on, and see that the students are receiving intensive professional training. They will also be able to observe the positive results achieved by the horses that have received the work during the training and this will give the work and the students, credibility. Thirdly, because each student will be training with several others in the same area, there will be an immediate support system in place for practitioners to share their ideas once they have completed their training. With all of these factors in place, the students will have a much easier time developing a cliental.