Entry-Level Training Module

This course was designed to accommodate students of all levels of ability and equine knowledge. If you’ve never been with horses but have always been drawn to them, this module was created for you. If you’ve been handling horses all your life and want to learn more about what you can do to make their lives easier and help them function at optimal health, this module was created for you also.

The first step is to make sure that you are comfortable putting your hands on a horse and able to develop a rapport that encourages them to trust you and “allow you in”. Once this has been established, we will be able to move on to the more technical portion of this training and start applying it to horses.

Even though Structural Integration has proven itself to, and become the therapy of choice for allan, there are numerous other forms of therapy that have a significant impact on health and are powerful adjuncts to the Structural Integration process. Developing a clear understanding of how these different modalities support the organism as a whole creates a very stable foundation from which an individual can begin to earn a rewarding and honest living in the field of equine therapy.

Learning a variety of different modalities that benefit equine health is great, but it’s not enough. Developing the skills necessary to determine when to use a certain modality, type of feed, supplement, or remedy etc. and exactly how much of each is needed, makes a profound difference in the outcome of any treatment program. This is some of what you will learn in this module.

The entry-level training firstly, focuses on the students ability to not only be with horses, but be comfortable being with and working on horses. Secondly, the students will be taught about the different approaches used in determining the varied threats to horse health outlined in the link to “Our Equine Therapy Program”, all-inclusive up to the Equine Structural Integration portion.

Important Note: The entry-level training program has been designed in such a way that, after completion, the student will have enough information and tools to begin a successful equine practice. Each student will receive an extensive step-by-step manual to take with them in the field as they develop their technical skills.