Level Three Training Module

With the basics of Structural Integration in place, it’s time to discover how a series of this work unfolds, and experience first hand the rapid changes that can take place in a horse’s tissue, structure, and receptiveness to the work as they progress through the first three sessions of the “Core-Opening” series. The instructor will guide each student as they facilitate this process with their assigned horse.

Learning how to see into the horse’s body and determine where holding patterns exist is a valuable tool in creating a therapy program that is going to realize optimal results. This is one of the many tools that will be acquired during this week of intensive hands on training.

Students’ will also be advancing their skills by learning how to flow through a therapy session with first time horses, beginning with the initial assessment and treatment procedures learned in the entry-level training and ending with a Structural Integration session.

You will leave this training module capable of assessing and affecting change in a wide range of debilitating conditions common to horses.